It Doesn’t Even Rhyme

I don’t pay much attention to poems except Psalms and Dr. Seuss.

But It Doesn’t Even Rhyme

Another new one on the blog for me today. An original poem. I’ll admit I Googled how to write a poem to try to help. Poetry is one of those things I don’t pay much attention to except in the Wisdom literature section of the Bible and Dr. Seuss. I do enjoy Shel Silverstein and Robert Frost, because they often use limerick and other rhymed poems.

I’m inspired by the girl pictured above. That’d be my cousin, Jordan who has a poetic gift and an artistic soul. Maybe this post will show that she’s not the only poet in the family. 🤞

Without any further ado, here is what I’ve come up with. Let’s see if this is something to pursue more.

Fit as a fiddle

Now that most surely sounds like…a joke.

No, just a tater.

Exercise? Why now? Why not…in a month?

May as well be mashed.




It’s all the same.

Stop fiddling and get fit.

No, it’s diddle, diddle; get fat and a bigger middle.

The dish and spoon stay home

and it’s the cellulite syndrome.

Better to be nimble, better to be quick.

Better to go up the hill and drink that daily pail of water.

Don’t fall down, but from home to street’s end and back.

Trot as fast as you can, and useless weight be all you’ll miss.

Stretch, work out, it’s all kinesis.

It’ll get you taut as a drum. (1)


What about it, do I have the ability to write poetry?