Poetry Wednesday 87

As “January on the Doorstep of February” is upon us that’s today’s Poetry Wednesday

“January on the Doorstep of February”

Time passes and the month of January must move on

Old habits you’ve tried to lose, your resolutions all undone

Night seems to last forever, it’s that way all winter long

Long time before the sun comes back this way, when it does I’ll break out in song


Without you by my side, can’t sleep; it’s just me and the moon

But soon the groundhog will tell us the earth is about to change its tune

Strangest first month in a while, about to have the floods coming day after day

Why is the spring like you, feeling so far off? Yet you’re both a kiss away


Plotting and planning a getaway to somewhere the girls and the weather are warm

Time is passing me by, just like I pass through airports in Chicago, Charlotte, and Atlanta

Know that I’d be lonelier and colder if I was stuck in Montana

Why can’t I have a girl to hold my hand, surely there’s no harm

When the Summer stretches on and I am burning up and hot

Snow and cold we’ve missed this month won’t be my wish, perish that thought
© Ryan Stroud 2020

Current Event Friday #91

What happens when Winter hits Florida?

As the mercury drops, and many are seeking somewhere warmer, Florida perhaps. Not so fast my friend, it’s actually cold in many places in Florida currently and it’s affecting the wildlife in the region. The effects and consequences are today’s #CurrentEventFriday.


Meteorologists warned that a cold snap was set to hit South Florida this week with temperatures in the 40s. This drastic change in temperature meant that at least one day this week, towns in the Northern U.S. sharing a border with Canada were warmer than parts of South Florida.

Even more noticeable and surprising, the chilly temperatures mean cold-blooded animals become immobile and their bodies have to adjust to temperatures they’re not usually equipped to deal with. Meteorologists also added a warning that one of those cold-blooded species, the iguana might fall from trees they usually rest on when the temperatures are higher.

So, that’s a phenomenon that tourists and locals are going to be fascinated with obviously. I can remember seeing iguanas running around Key West when I visited about this time last year. Seeing iguanas lying around and inactive would be peculiar to say the least.

Even more shocking, some restaurateurs and food purveyors are catching the frozen iguanas in order to make dishes using ‘chicken of the trees’ for the more adventurous eaters. One of the more popular dishes is iguana tacos shared by University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

USDA officials warned that for those eating iguana meat at restaurants or ordering the meat online, be sure to cook it to an internal temperature of 160o F to avoid salmonella infection. So, in some respects it is like chicken. Connoisseurs of the tropical reptile meat note iguana tastes very much like alligator or snake meat. I’ve had both gator and rattlesnake and they do taste like chicken. Frog legs which I also enjoy are a little more gamy, but still close to chicken flavor. I’ll be honest eating iguana isn’t on my exotic food list. The species is a recently acquired delicacy in Latin America as they are invasive in too many habitats and a cheap source of protein. So, obviously there are people that enjoy iguana meat and would be happy to find another source.

Would you eat iguana meat?

Poetry Wednesday #28

A chill in the air even in November is today’s Poetry Wednesday entry, appropriately titled “November Frost”

“November Frost”

Over thirty-two degrees, but the lawn is frosted like a cake.

Under forty degrees, it’s starting to feel cold.

Over this cold front already, can it be summer on the lake?

Under the covers, wishing I had someone to hold.

There was splendor in the grass, the long summer hours;

Look again for glory in the flowers.

Long days are dying in the North, yet soon we will celebrate a birth

Long ago He came to a world in sin and error pining, as the Morning Star

In the midst of dark and cold, it is a time for mirth.

In the midst of holidays approaching, joyous shoppers ready to hit ev’ry bazaar

Hark! flakes of snow white as the moon

Crisp and barely autumn air is a hunter’s boon?

Fortunate are we, for we can bear some cold since we aren’t in th’ regions polar

Fortunate one ain’t always me, I haven’t found my pot of gold or any fame.

Away from the cold I’m soon to be, but my money soon will be with some Sunshine toller

Away to the Southern lands I go unlocking warmer weather, and Florida is the aim.

Turning much cooler, everyone warmly clad

Tempering to the season’s chill, right now it doesn’t feel too bad

© Ryan Stroud 2018

Maybe I’m a Poet and Don’t Even Know It

My latest attempt at poetry entitled “Seasons”

I decided to try my hand at poetry again today. Hopefully it’s a worthwhile effort like the first attempt. I definitely saw that I have some latent ability from that first poem I posted.

Aunt Denise
My Aunt Denise

I already have my cousin who writes what I consider non-traditional poetry. My aunt also inspires a poetic mind too. So, for both of them I’m trying to prove my mettle in poetry again. Enjoy!


Radar sweeping on the screen

And maps full of colors — violet, gold, and green.

Wintered grass is glittered with snow.

Everyone is chilled but not relaxed.

Spring is on the horizon,

But the horizon is still stuck on winter mode.

The Sun is playing peak-a-boo like a toddler.

I’m tired of its games and games others play.

Time is changing soon

Will people too?

I need a break from winter weather.

I want a break from the winter in my life even more

Equal time of day and night is coming soon.

My days and nights are already equal.

I’m stuck in my thoughts by day and feeling some pain at night.

The wind and rain can send it all away.

Craving a feeling like Jimmy Buffet

Gotta change my latitude,

It’ll change my attitude, so nothing remains quite the same.

Too many people being cunning, and I’m runnin’

I’m feeling insane, so I need to laugh

And love

What I would give for the that feeling again.

Vacation here I come, and home away I go.

But of course, ‘Tis the season.

© 2018 Ryan Stroud