Current Event Friday #89

Move over, U.K. the U.S. will soon have their own Duke and Duchess

Almost 250 years ago, Americans declared independence from the United Kingdom and news has hit the wires that members of the Royal Family are declaring their own independence from the United Kingdom. This surprising news is today’s focus on #CurrentEventFriday.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are stepping away from their activities with the royal family and moving back to America where Meghan is originally from. The couple will split their time between America and England. This comes as Meghan has prioritized the couple’s lifestyle to reflect progressive policies including environmental consciousness and social justice concerns.

As the couple made this announcement on social media, and everyone began commenting on the trending topic #Megexit, the Royal Family wax statues of the Duke and Duchess removed from Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.

Seemingly, as the Duke and Duchess are not exactly high on the line of succession this move is not of that much consequence. Upon the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the throne would be assumed by Prince Charles, and upon his death to Prince William, the oldest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. With Prince William and Duchess Kate having their own kids, Prince Harry has at least three people ahead of him. Assuming that any of the other royals pass away or are unable to ascend to the throne, Prince Harry might have a shot but it’s not exactly likely. Of course, with the monarchy’s limited role in government except as a figurehead and ceremonial agent, it doesn’t hold that much sway.

Personally, as an American I still don’t understand the appeal of the royals. We are no longer British citizens and haven’t been for awhile so paying attention to what goes on with either Princes William, Harry, or their wives is odd to me. Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry possibly missed the opportunity to mirror art with a parallel to the film King Ralph. The film features John Goodman as the last living heir to the royal line after a wild tragedy to the royal family, but given that Goodman’s character is Las Vegas showman taking over as King with little to no training as a royal provides for missteps and entertainment with the learning curve he must endure. Whether Meghan would’ve struggled like Ralph, I’m not sure but it would’ve kept my attention on her story more.

Does it matter that Prince Harry and Meghan are pulling back from their activities with the royal family?