Poetry Wednesday 85

“I’m Just Saying” what I think on Poetry Wednesday

“I’m Just Saying”

Things are getting to the point that no matter what happens I’m in hot water

Enlightened folks say I’m dealing with too much baggage, there’s no room to totter

These same folks say I should follow the old ways and be leaving

Dramatic folks would like for me to spill it, ready for rumors they’ll be believing


Been all around the world with stops in China, Japan and Ceylon

Got loaded and sent to the next port on the tour, the captain shouting, “Sail on!”

Soaking in all the atmosphere around me, only giving up a little of what makes me bitter

Waiting for my time to be up, watching for that time like a babysitter


Want me to relax on a dark and rainy day or winding down on a cool winter’s night

I’d be better if honey was pouring into me, voice is gone; no way I can shout or scream

Rumor is the Brits want to give me some sugar or make me pale with some cream

Holding on in the heat of the moment, yet I’m chained down or strung along like a kite

Can you guess what would hit the spot and sounds good right now to me?

Hard to know what’s brewing in my head, but the kettle on the stove is a sign for hot tea

© Ryan Stroud 2020