Poetry Wednesday 103

Let’s go “Swimming” with today’s original poem


Stuck inside these four walls all winter and most of spring

Need to escape, moving with a stroke of a butterfly’s wing

Looking for some freedom and nobody seems to care

Get outdoors, there’s liberty in the water everywhere


Pushing yourself to the limit, is all about conquering time

Killing time, just floating along can be done on your own dime

Down in the holler we were laughing like children as we wade in the creek

Things got deep like the water, now as you kissed me on my cheek


Moving myself further to the wall, so I kick my feet up and down, back and forth

Reached the wall, kick off and turn myself around

Backstroke or breaststroke both have me parallel to the ground

Not too shabby, but I’m never going to get any gold medals proving my worth

Love spending time with you if it’s on a blanket by the pool or the sea

Swimming is exhilarating, but not more than your love for me

© Ryan Stroud 2020

Poetry Wednesday 102

Today’s original poem wonders “How Is It Going Bee”

“How Is it Going Bee”

The apian way follows all routes to the queen

Workers giving a word, a sign, where to look for laying near the grass so green

Taking off from each blossom, flying into the sky

Your homes mean summer is upon us, soon it’ll be July


Golden treasure encased in wax—that royal jelly.

Treacly, amber, and nutritive, right now it’s meant for your belly

Honey—such a sweet thing; will soon be remade over

Keeping us in suspense and risking it for what was once wildflowers, orchid, and clover


Honey-makers, we drone on about them, but wood, sweat, and others are also alive

Easy to overlook such a tiny pest, a tiny swarm looks so humble

Don’t let us lose your pollinating aid, don’t let us bumble

When you’re not around, a soft dive into the oblivion of your hive

Before you take a sting anywhere on me

About to hit you out of fear for my own pain, but I wonder how is it going bee?

© Ryan Stroud 2020


Poetry Wednesday 101

Taking a trip along “Old Man River” sounds appealing for today’s original poem

“Old Man River”

You’ve been like a close friend, always going strong

The path you take is winding and long

When I’ve had loads I need to carry you’ve always been there

Taking them to the sea, and the salty Gulf air


Been around in our lives, like an Old Man

Lucky you took care of Tom & Huck when away they ran

I know that it’s pretty up there at your starting line

Everyone is enjoying that scenery, even better than fine


Big Wheels keep on rolling—a slow ride and I can take it easy

Loving that pace, the rhythm is right

Seeing sleepy little towns during the day, perfect inspiration for night

Magnolias wafting from the banks, reaching my nose better when it’s breezy

Mississippi—Great River, your tribal name

Great river, what now describes your fame

© Ryan Stroud 2020

Poetry Wednesday 98

Take a “Day for our Nourishing Mother” on this Poetry Wednesday

“Day for Our Nourishing Mother”

Our mother who art the earth that nourishes us by producing varied & beneficial plants

Waiting for your trees to shelter and shade us from the sun’s burning glance

You can only wash yourself clean when it’s raining, and we hear your thunder

So sad, many have become bored with you, don’t care if you go under


Now think of all the years you tried to find someone to protect you

We know something can and should happen, we recognize it on April twenty-two

Earth Day, not your birthday but at least time to remember you look wonderful today

Sad that we might miss how your ocean is lashing and oil ruins its spray


It’s time for us to stay home, you’ve got an aching head, so we put away our car keys

Oh, I know we’ve done some damage, I know you gave early warning

Muddy water, torn up ozone filter, and diseases, now it’s ourselves we are harming

Feeling too hot, too cold, your temperature tantrums all so we could live lives of ease

Talking about us, we got nothing else to do, let’s be our best selves—it’s a fair trade

Everywhere around the world, they’re coming around to clean up the mess we made

© Ryan Stroud 2020

Poetry Wednesday 97

Be sure to practice “Self-Care” for Poetry Wednesday (and other days of the week)


Does it ever seem like the days are dragging along?

You just can’t change the tune, a broken record, the same old song

Waking up to a bright clear day, but it feels like the night

Know that something has to change, it just doesn’t feel right


Wishing that she didn’t just almost love me

It’s her loss though, she didn’t care enough, she just couldn’t see

Learned that I’ll be the one that gives me the care I need

Talk is cheap, words don’t mean as much as you’d think, prove that you love me by deed


Finally feeling like I’m starting to get it figured out

If nobody else cares, I’ve got to be the one that cares for myself

Finding some help, from those books on the shelf

Realizing that I’m not sure of myself doesn’t help, getting rid of doubt

Going to be okay; getting rest, saying no, sleeping well, eating healthy, and all that stuff

Now that I’m looking out for myself—finding love in healthy ways that’ll be enough

© Ryan Stroud 2020