Poetry Wednesday 119

Ever felt “Chewed Up” like today’s original poem?

“Chewed Up”

Hoping I haven’t bit off more than I can chew

Sticking to only one piece, okay maybe two

Troubled on every side, but not destroyed

Sweet and tacky, such an odd thing to be enjoyed

Need something to block my sinuses when my ears start to pop

Finally my mood is better as the pressure begins to drop

Let my tongue meet it in the middle, meet it with some air

Careful not to let the bubble get to big and get stuck in my hair

For what it’s worth, it can be either a mint or fruit flavor

This habit ain’t spurned like biting your nails or sucking your thumb

Goodness gracious, pop another ball the secret ingredients we call gum

Wanting this feeling to last so long, something to truly savor

Hate when I get chewed out like I’m a stick of gum chewed up and spit out

Moving on, realizing where I’ll be soon, lose all that doubt

© Ryan Stroud 2020

Poetry Wednesday 117

Today’s poem is “Blue, but that’s a good thing


Every now and then I get a little blue

Mind is shutting down, and I don’t know what to do

Every now and then I’m losing my nerve

Paralyzed by fear, unable to move or swerve


Ever thought about blue as the color of a happy sky

How then is it possible to mean we’re sad, makes me wonder why

Struggle to love myself, and lost in deep philosophical thought

My thoughts are fixed on how I love you, and you’re the only one I got


When I’m feeling down, your love washes over me like the sea

You bring me back to this blue planet and remind me who I am

Love the way you show me the softness and comfort I need, my sweet little lamb

Sturdy and giving me the breath I need, you’re like a tall oak tree

Cause I’ve got you, I’m going to work hard to keep this ‘ship afloat

I’ll proclaim my love for you with written word or musical note

© Ryan Stroud 2020

Poetry Wednesday 114

For World Elephant Day, “Elephant in the Room” is the original poem

“Elephant in the Room”

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room

He’s a beast that goes into the day with a boom

Watch the baby elephant go by for a walk

The baby stumbles and fearfully starts to balk

He’s been waiting for nearly two years in his mama’s womb


It’s a treat when he can roam freely in his home continent

Living his best life in Africa or Asia where he and his kin are prominent

Look at that poor elephant with his drooping trunk—a sad looking snout

Longing for his freedom, his cage isn’t the room he wants to be in; if only he could get out

His mammoth size and gentle attitude are worthy of our astonishment

© Ryan Stroud 2020

Poetry Wednesday 112

Celebrate International Chicken Wing Day by “Winging It” with today’s original poem

“Winging It”

On the wings in the style of Buffalo

tough guy, but he’s young like the night though

Snorting & choking, needing some relief

Feeling the burn on your tongue, your throat, and your teeth


Late at night you will find them on the cheap in every little dive bar

Now they’ve become classic like rock music and the electric guitar

Never give in until you’ve peeled the meat away from the bone

Dip them in some blue cheese dressing until it’s all gone


How can I keep from winging it?

A simple sauce made from red pepper and that was fine for a time

Got popular and needed a new spin, now chefs are using rum and a lime

Not sure, but this had to be invented after a late night  drinking fit

You might think I’m crazy, thinking I‘m eating something wild

Little do you know, I usually get BBQ flavor or the mild

© Ryan Stroud 2020

Poetry Wednesday 111

Let’s have some “Adventures in Spoonerism” in this jumbled and nonsensical poem

“Adventures in Spoonerism”

Everyone knows that size men weigh

Hoping they don’t go broke in a real wig bay

Heavy men don’t live on a lack of pies

They’re the kind who are leaving wise

At the full soon their ship mails and wades a fay


Thumb sings are bent to me

I know now, maps are set by tree

Wake my toll file too

Caught between a blob and the sea of moo

Here I’ll carefully knight on your lea


The lemons wanted to plumb out and cay so I debt them out

Quit them just as caulk in a dare of snout

Get your feelings low for a ride

You watched as the whistling wall bent wide

Show ahead and gout that you’ve bought a cig trout

© Ryan Stroud 2020

Poetry Wednesday 110

When “You Kissed Me First” it was inevitable to write a poem about it

“You Kissed Me First”

I saw you come in wearin’ that little black dress

Wanted to say something memorable to you, I must confess

All I could do is match your smile with one of my own

Hoped by the end of the night I wouldn’t be going home alone


Offered to buy you another round and join you for a drink

You laughed and said I should order a shot of Jack, so I wasn’t downing something pink

I asked you for your name and number, and you wrote them on the napkin

When I went out tonight, didn’t expect something like this to happen


Walked you to your friend’s car right after last call

You said you’d hope to see me again, but only if I kissed you first

I didn’t know what to say or do, my feelings were about to burst

Tried to be sturdy but your lips met mine and I knew it was too late, I was starting to fall

For you, there was no way to hide your thoughts cause you kissed me before I was ready

I could see this was going somewhere and that you had fallen for me already


© Ryan Stroud 2020