Poetry Wednesday 78

When the weather turns cold and gloomy I’m ready to be “Here, There, Anywhere”

“Here, There, Anywhere”

Sand, saltwater beach

Tropical drink in my hand

Ocean time is nearby


Mountain views abound

Wine, ‘shine on a fruited plane

Hike along the trail


Time away from here

Relaxation and rest

Vacation needed

© Ryan Stroud 2019

Poetry Wednesday 76

Want to eat “The Goldmine” at your local Mexican joint?

“The Goldmine”

Feel my temperature rising when the food before me hits my mouth

Fields of gold baked or fried by our friends just below the border on the South

Rivers of molten cheese surrounded by pillows of cooling cream

Realizing now the burn of the chiles are about to make me scream


Maybe I’ll get some with ground beef,  salsa, jalapeños, black beans, and of course cheese

Heard that they sometimes serve it outside the American Mickey D’s

Possibly I’ll just get the plain original version with just cheese sauce and chips.

Probably a better idea, the supreme version causes me to have messy fingertips


Mexican and margaritas; c’mon girl put on a nice dress, it’s a fiesta

We’re just like the dish, I’m overly cheesy and you’re a little spicy

Promise you one day, I’ll make your finger gold and icy

Filling up on all the food in front of me, I’ll be in a food coma ready for a siesta.

A dish better reserved for the late-night eaters— los borrachos

An order has been put in for what sounds good to me even now, some nachos


© Ryan Stroud 2019

Poetry Wednesday 74

Who is “On the Way” into our lives?

“On the Way”

Left alone so many women, looking for a returned smile; so many lips left unkissed

Right to the top goes your name on my list

Wished upon so many fading, falling, and shooting stars

Held back from finding you, like I’m behind prison bars


My mind is dancing; drinking my sorrows, my pleasures, and overthinking away

Somehow after every move made against me, it’s made me who I am today

Like an adventurer seeking hidden treasure; my labor for love will not be lost

Needing directions, the path is steep; it’s the mountains and not wires that should be crossed


On my way to you now, the time has come tonight even after all the twists and turns I’ve had to see

Driving down the road in worn-out jeans, playing my favorite songs, adoring their rhymes

Maybe I’ve been a fool; couldn’t help thinking this is how it ought to be the whole time

Don’t close your eyes; can’t you, won’t you realize you should be on your way to me?

Wonder what might could happen next, I’ll be thanking God if I find the way to your heart

Finish the run that too long has kept us apart, we have something we can start


© Ryan Stroud 2019

Poetry Wednesday 73

Maybe not being “Like Other Guys” is okay.

“Like Other Guys”

Probably girls think I’m like other guys when I show them affection

Sadly, trying to use digital means still doesn’t make a connection

Heard it so often that there’s plenty of fish in the sea

Guess I haven’t hit the right fishing spot, nobody’s hooked on me


Women say they want a nice guy who’s smart and funny

Too bad, I’m the joke itself; got nobody to call me honey

Well-meaning loved ones tell me I’m better off being on my own

At least, I can get where I’m going quickly, since he who travels fastest goes alone


Being unwanted and uninteresting; granted, it’s not a complete surprise

Not a secret to anyone, girls think I’m too short, it’s at the top of the list

I’m not ruggedly handsome, I’m too overbearing, I’m too scruffy,  you get the gist

Girls seem to like everybody but me, they only like other guys

Better to be unloved for who I am, than be liked for who I’m not

Like other guys find their own niche, and find the girl who likes that and shoot my shot

© Ryan Stroud 2019

Poetry Wednesday 72

A poem about what things could be “If Only”

“If Only”

Thought by now, I’d have a family, not be unsettled down

Everyday, I’m wanting to find somebody new to come around

Please don’t talk about tomorrow, cause then I’ll again start to care

Magic can happen anytime or any place they say, so I’m chasing it anywhere


Love, a swift arrow cleaves so many breasts, but it’s hardly ever come my way

When the weary labor hours end, a woman’s embrace, is comfort and repose of the day

Never been so blue as when I’m rejected, feels like I’ve been run through

No matter how many times, it all won’t matter if I find one who is true


If only I didn’t have such a heavy mind and a heavy heart

Cause you think you’re going to catch your big dreams

Nothing, though is ever what it seems

If only a someone loved me back, what a dumb thought that I’ll let quickly depart

Doesn’t anyone know I’m a lover, not a fighter, what am I doing wrong?

Cheering myself up, I’ve got to be better, I’ve got to be strong


© Ryan Stroud 2019