Current Event Friday #5

A Current Event happening this Sunday that commemorates a very special day in 1985.

It’s #CurrentEventFriday again today. What’s in the news? 🤔 Hmm? I know…wait I don’t want to wade into that, there’s already enough in the news about that. What about…nope don’t want that. I know, how about something going on this weekend locally, that’ll do.


Yep, Sunday is the anniversary of my birth. I’ll be turning 33 years old, and yes, I’m using old instead of young. My salad days have definitely gone, and they’re just that mushy bag of spinach in the crisper drawer kind of days more and more.

I’ve noticed that more and more each year after age 25 that most birthdays are usually the same. You get a few cards with some money from your family while out at your favorite restaurant. Then the next day comes, and you’re back to the same routine. Not that I’m complaining about it, just my observation. Maybe when I hit 40 things will be different. [Crosses Fingers]


I definitely understand this scene from Billy Madison when Billy warns the kid about growing up. I know I’ve covered before about growing up or not and my inner struggle, so I’ll not beat that horse anymore. I’m going to enjoy my birthday weekend and make an effort to do so. I’ll go with Mom, Dad, and Grandma to El Nops for dinner tonight and Grandma Stroud is fixing Sunday Dinner at her house for my actual birthday including her Mac ‘n’ Cheese. 😉

So, in that spirit to start the weekend I’m going to rock out to “Birthday” by the Beatles to celebrate. Plus, I kinda have to, since the late George Harrison and I share the same birthday.

Also sharing my birthday:


So Happy Birthday to all those above and me.