Poetry Wednesday 76

Want to eat “The Goldmine” at your local Mexican joint?

“The Goldmine”

Feel my temperature rising when the food before me hits my mouth

Fields of gold baked or fried by our friends just below the border on the South

Rivers of molten cheese surrounded by pillows of cooling cream

Realizing now the burn of the chiles are about to make me scream


Maybe I’ll get some with ground beef,  salsa, jalapeños, black beans, and of course cheese

Heard that they sometimes serve it outside the American Mickey D’s

Possibly I’ll just get the plain original version with just cheese sauce and chips.

Probably a better idea, the supreme version causes me to have messy fingertips


Mexican and margaritas; c’mon girl put on a nice dress, it’s a fiesta

We’re just like the dish, I’m overly cheesy and you’re a little spicy

Promise you one day, I’ll make your finger gold and icy

Filling up on all the food in front of me, I’ll be in a food coma ready for a siesta.

A dish better reserved for the late-night eaters— los borrachos

An order has been put in for what sounds good to me even now, some nachos


© Ryan Stroud 2019