Poetry Wednesday 89

For Georgia Day, I’ve got “Georgia on My Mind” with today’s Poetry Wednesday

“Georgia on My Mind”

Peach trees and peanuts

Empire State of the South

Georgia on my mind


Provincial founding

Georgia on my mind today

February twelfth

© Ryan Stroud 2020

Poetry Wednesday 86

Maybe “A Dash of Hot Sauce” is a good idea for Poetry Wednesday

“A Dash of Hot Sauce”

A dash of hot sauce

Spic es up the blandest dish

Like soup beans or eggs


A batch of hot sauce

Takes peppers and vinegar

And your tongue lights up


A dash of hot sauce

Too much for some when they eat

Dash responsibly


© Ryan Stroud 2020


Poetry Wednesday 78

When the weather turns cold and gloomy I’m ready to be “Here, There, Anywhere”

“Here, There, Anywhere”

Sand, saltwater beach

Tropical drink in my hand

Ocean time is nearby


Mountain views abound

Wine, ‘shine on a fruited plane

Hike along the trail


Time away from here

Relaxation and rest

Vacation needed

© Ryan Stroud 2019