Current Event Friday #100

Changes to grocery shopping are necessary with social distancing

It’s time to do the marketing, we’re out of milk, potato chips, and frozen waffles. Before the challenge of Covid-19 this wasn’t a challenge. Most anyone just headed to the supermarket and bought what was on their list and brought it back home and place their goods in the fridge or pantry. Now many have adapted to how they will shop at grocery stores and these adaptations are today’s #CurrentEventFriday topic.

Running to the grocery store wasn’t a difficult or dreaded errand before social distancing, but now it has become more challenging. If I had forgot something on my list or realized after shopping that I should’ve added something to the list, I’d just head back to the store the next day and I’d have what I need. Now, I wait and add more things to the list for when I’m going to get groceries again.

Kroger begins online grocery ordering and curbside pickup at ...


One method I’ve found that others had already been using prior to this is ClickList® from Kroger. This allows you to select goods that the local Kroger or one of its subsidiaries have in their inventory. Once you’ve selected everything on your list, you choose a time to pick up the order at your local store. Once you’ve completed these steps, you pay for the purchase. You arrive at the store at the selected time, and contact the

phone number of the store and give your name and the slot you’re in and an employee loads your vehicle with your order. If some of the products you’ve selected are unavailable, you can choose whether to allow employees to substitute a similar product. If you choose to not allow a substitute for an out-of-stock item, then you will be refunded for the cost of that item and it will not be included in your order.

Many other grocery stores use their own version of this service. I’ve not used these programs at these other stores so I can’t testify to the process or the ease of using them. I would imagine that these services aren’t that dissimilar.

Along with the curbside pickup, stores are also offering delivery options or shipping. Since I don’t live in a location that is within the shipping or delivery radius, I’m unsure of how well this works. I’ve used pizza delivery apps and they work fine; I’m guessing grocery delivery also works.

The challenge and benefit of using these services is it prevents browsing or the impulse buying that inevitably happens when shopping in person. The challenging characteristic is the same in any online retailing which is that you may or may not enjoy the product once you receive it. Admittedly, I’m a little hesitant to online shop, particularly for clothing and had been for grocery shopping but what’s on my grocery list is products I already like and use.

Some products are unavailable for online grocery shopping so you may have to shop in person. Among those include hand sanitizer, alcohol, and pharmacy products. I have went shopping while wearing a mask and practiced social distancing in store and had no major problems. As the restrictions are changed, we’ll have to see whether online grocery shopping is the preferred method. I am enjoying the convenience of the service but wandering the massive Kroger stores does limit my exercise. So, not walking around a large grocery store and ordering more food may cause the ‘Quarantine 15’ that so many are joking about.

Have you used online grocery shopping? Is it better than conventional grocery shopping?