Poetry Wednesday #16

The latest original poem “On Country Music.”

Hail to thee, Luke the Drifter!

You come from the state of Cotton.

Maybe a taste of cotton lead you to the snifter?

Your name given to your first begotten

Ensuring your legacy won’t be forgotten


Just as valuable, that’s why you’re Cash.

Baritone, sable clad and chiseled jaw

A career not just a flash

No stranger to the other side of the law

You say, “Hello, I’m Johnny from Arkansas.”


Don’t be crazy and forget Ms. Cline

That just wouldn’t be right.

Like the men in country’s shrine

Career that flew as high as a kite.

You’re of course still out there walkin’ after Midnight.


Nightlife suits you, Possum.

Will anyone fill your shoes?

Lyrics described as awesome.

Which songs do I choose?

You stopped loving her, nonetheless you paid your dues.


Thanks for all you still do Red-Headed Stranger.

There flows the Whiskey River

A Lone-Star Stater, but not a Ranger.

Songs for the good times, the arrows in your quiver.

Get on the road again as Country’s caregiver!


© Ryan Stroud 2018