Poetry Wednesday 68

Today’s poem goes “Unopened”


Hasty repeals are the result of a necessary but significant change

Emotional drama, the mood produces my frowns, wrinkles, and involuntary tears so strange

Alleged sympathies from my own end are completely spurious

Radical opposition, not the least bit am I curious. She must be delirious

True disdain for the first and lost still nothing I would rearrange


Glorifying what is now lost to the years—the relationship like the truth is betrayed

Appropriate counter to the injustice and disloyalty she displayed

Troubled hearts for both, but it is my compassion put on trial

Explicit refusals hopefully accomplish something, but she’s in denial

Smallest flames have smoldered, extinguished, and now wholly fade


Convenient fictions are the perpetual practices of sentimentality

Lasting antagonism is not my emotion, it’s more of a problem of indifference

Oh I was never good with romantic words, but now I have more life experience

Sun has set on our time together, thought without its light or heat she’d leave and face reality

Enthusiasm for all my desires will be met, wanting a new chapter, even a new book to read

Determined to move on am I, cause I was born to run and succeed

© Ryan Stroud 2019

Poetry Wednesday #10

My latest original poem entitled “Roller Coaster.”

“Roller Coaster”

Everything’s angering me, and it’s not haltn’.

I’m boiling over, so tense.

Why not? It’s always worse when I’ve been to the world of Walton.

Anger clouds my mind, nothing makes sense.

What am I going to do?

I can’t and I won’t move. Too much that’s scary.

Courage and cowboying up just can’t quite cut through.

My head I’m ready to bury.

Stop crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about.

No, everything is bad, I know everything is tragic.

What I would give for these tears to experience a drought.

If that happened, obviously that’d be some kind of magic.

Eventually I’ll find days of elation.

Hoping, pleading, and begging for something like euphoria.

Good, the happiness train is pulling into the station.

Those tears of rage, fear, and sadness have gone; now my heart is watered by a joyous noria.

© Ryan Stroud 2018